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Ice Chat looks like a mixture of mIRC and Xchat. It is highly customized and uses nearly the same scripting language mIRC does. It is very easy to use and can be downloaded at

Connect to IRC

Go to View > Server list > Add new server (as SwiftIRC is not added to the default list). Fill in the server's hostname

Icechat addserver

Use "next" and fill in the port. By default port 6667 is added which is a good port to connect to. You may leave it if you want.

Icechat serverport

Perform Commands

Add the channels you wish to autojoin on connect to the third box, seperated by a comma.

Icechat channels

Fill in the nickname you wish to use on the network.

Icechat nickname

Add the commands you wish to trigger on connect

Icechat perform

Confirm all the details you added.

Now find the network you just added in the list at the left side of your Ice Chat and use connect (at the bottom). You can edit the details you submitted by using "edit server".

Icechat connecting


Go to Options > Highlight settings and check the "Enable Text Highlighting".

Icechat highlights

Go to Add to add a word to the list of highlighted words. Add a word and choose a colour you wish it to become when it's said. You can also choose to make the channel flash and you can choose whether the highlight triggers in the channel, PM or both.

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