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Welcome to SwiftIRC'S Support Wiki

This wiki is a collaboration of work from SwiftIRC staff members to help and support SwiftIRC users. These pages will hopefully answer your questions about the IRC network and the commands. We will update and add more content when required, if you do not find the information you are looking for on this wiki please ask a member of staff on SwiftIRC in #IRChelp.

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Official network channels

This is SwiftIRC's main network channel. Although it has no specific role, it is generally used as a general discussion channel.

#IRCHelp - #IRCHelp Wiki Page
This is the network's main support channel. Users should use this channel for any general IRC-related queries they may have (such as services commands, or issues with users/channels).

#Support - #Support Wiki Page
Intended for use by users who require administrative support. It is advisable that you join #IRCHelp beforehand - if necessary you will be diverted to this channel by a helper.

Recent network news

19th May 2012 - Delinked

Effective immediately, Intrepid has been delinked from the network. We wish Arconiaprime the best with his endeavors and thank him for his contributions to SwiftIRC over the last few years.

11th May 2012 - Test link:

I'm pleased to announce that the server has been granted a 30 day test link to the network. The server is located in Roubaix, France.

We wish the best of luck to its administrator Pies. We hope your server will prove to be a great addition to the network.

21st April 2012 - Promotions to the Network Administration team

SwiftIRC is pleased to announce the appointment of three new Network Administrators.

After conducting an internal recruitment process via written applications, existing network management chose three candidates that stood above the rest.

Congratulations are in order for Patje, Sara, and zomg, the successful candidates. With this boost to the Network Administration team, we are hoping to get some interesting things underway on SwiftIRC.

In addition to their main responsbilities as Network Administrator, we have also tentatively named two of our new NAs as responsible for two areas of the network:

Patje is responsible for our Support Infrastructure, and Sara is responsible for our newly forming community department, which will aim to engage our users in fun events. Stay tuned for further developments!


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