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How do I register a channel?

  /cs register #channel password description

To register a channel you must join a channel which isn't already registered; you must also have channel operator status (you will receive op if there is nobody else in the channel upon entering). The password field is used so that the channel founder can allow other users to identify to the channel to gain owner status. The description field is used to give a description of your channel's intended purpose. Once you have finish executing this command you will become the founder of the channel. You may only register a maximum of 20 channels.

An example of this command is:

  /cs register #SwiftChannel SwiftChannelPassword123 Example channel for the wiki

How do I log into a channel if I have the channel password?

Logging into a channel with the channel password gives you owner status, which allows you to execute other commands (such as ones that are disabled to regular users in the channel). Being 'owner' of the channel does not allow you to execute all commands that the channel founder can.

  /cs id #channel password

How do I stop ChanServ deoping my friends?

When you register a channel, secureops is turned on by default. With secureops enabled, users will not be allowed to receive temporary halfoperator or operator status in your channel. If you would like to remove this, you will need to execute the following:

   /cs set #channel secureops off

The other option is to add your friends to the access list using this command

   /cs access #channel add nick lvl

For more information on adding access, you can read about it here

What is a successor?

A successor is the user whom the channel will be transferred to if the founder's nickname expires/drops. Being the successor of the channel guarantees you no extra commands.

How do I set a topic?

A user joining your channel will see the topic.

To set a topic:

/topic  #channel TopicHere

How do I give access?

A user's nickname must be registered before it may be placed onto channel access lists. Voice (+v), halfop (+h), op (+o), and admin (+a) are the four types of statuses that a user may receive in a channel. The following commands illustrate how to give access to users.

To give voice access:

   /cs access #channel add nick 3

To give halfoperator access:

   /cs access #channel add nick 4

To give operator access:

   /cs access #channel add nick 5

To give admin operator access:

   /cs access #channel add nick 10

With operator and admin access you can use any of the following lvl's the numbers above are the standard ones, operator access = 5-9 admin access = 10 - 9999

How do I view the access list?

A channel's access list can be viewed with the following command (you are required to have access in the channel (by default) to do so):

   /cs access #channel list

How do I put someone on the akick list?

The autokick feature will allow users to add hostnames and nicknames to an autokick list that will auto kick and ban users who match the criteria.

   /cs akick #channel add nick reason

or for a host

   /cs akick #channel add *@host reason

How do I view the akick list?

By default you need 10+ access in a channel to see (and edit) the akick list; there are two commands which list the akick entries for a channel. The first command will only list the entries. The second command will give you the entries along with who added the entry.

   /cs akick #channel list
   /cs akick #channel view

How do I drop my channel?

When a channel is dropped, all channel information is removed and cannot be restored. If you still want to delete your channel, execute:

   /cs drop #channel

After a channel is dropped, any registered user is able to register your channel.

Why is my channel not registered anymore?

Your channel becomes unregistered if noone with access has entered the channel within 14 days. This restriction is put in place to prevent users registering channels that they're not going to use.

How do I ban someone while using ChanServ?

This option allows you to ban somebody with a reason; this feature will override channel mode Q.

   /cs ban #channel nick reason

How do I clear the users, modes, bans, excepts, invites, ops, hops, voices?

The founder of a channel can clear alot of modes very easily. This command has various options and is explained further in the ChanServ Help page; here.

   /cs clear #channel option

the options are; modes, bans, excepts, invites, ops, hops, voices, and users.

How do I voice, halfop, and op someone with ChanServ?

To use chanserv to give people temporary rank in your channel, execute one of the following:

   /cs voice #channel nick
   /cs halfop #channel nick
   /cs op #channel nick

How do I get the key if I'm outside the channel?

A key blocks users from entering the channel if they do not know the channel key. To get the channel key while not being in the channel (which by default you need 5 access for):

   /cs getkey #channel

Somebody knows my channel password, what do I need to do?

The first thing to do is to change your channel's password:

   /cs set #channel password newpassword newpassword

Then you will need to log out the user from channel ownership:

   /cs logout #channel nick

I want that nobody can see my nickname when I kick somebody, but how?

Signkick is a feature in place to prevent abuse, and thus is enabled by default. There are two options to change signkick, of which the first one is disabling it entirely. This means that anyone's name who is able to use chanserv to kick users will not show up. You can do so by typing

   /cs set #channel signkick off

There is a second option which allows you to turn signkick off for a certain part of the access list.

  /cs set #channel signkick level

For example, if you want users with 10+ access in your channel to kick without being effected by signkick, use:

  /cs levels #channel set signkick 10

What do I do if the channel is on invite only and I'm outside the channel?

If you have 5 or higher access in the channel, you can get ChanServ to invite you into the channel:

   /cs invite #channel

How do I set a channel entry message?

An entrymsg for your channel is shown up as a notice when a user joins a channel. To edit the entrymsg:

   /cs set #channel entrymsg text-here

How do I find out the founder of a channel?

To find out the founder of the channel, type the following:

  /cs info #channel

ChanServ will notice you information about the channel, including the current founder.

How do I unban myself from outside of the channel?

To unban yourself whilst not in the channel, you will (by default) need 5 or more access. You can do so by typing:

  /cs unban #channel

You will get a notice if you have sufficient access to do so. This only removes bans against your hostmask and your realname. If you are on a channel that is on the banlist of the channel you are trying to enter (by use of the ~c ban extension), type

  /cs invite #channel

How do I re-direct my channel to another channel?

You can redirect users trying to join your channel to another one if the first channel's limit has been reached. Generally people only use this to redirect all users to a new/other channel, and thus a limit of 1 is used. For more information regarding this, visit Channel Link

How do I keep the modes set on my channel when it becomes empty?

If your channel becomes emtpy, all modes are cleared (unless you have them locked). It is possible to lock channel modes:

   /cs set #channel mlock +ntothers-others


  /cs set #Help mlock +ntcST-km

How do I make it so everyone is voiced when they join?

To make everybody receive voice status when they join your channel, you will need to change the level for autovoice from the default (3) to -1:

   /cs levels #channel set autovoice -1

You can remove autovoice on a channel by changing this level back to the default level of 3 with the same command; just replace -1 with 3.

If you only want registered users to be autovoiced then you can use the same command but use 0 and not -1.

When everyone leaves my channel the ban list gets emptied. How can I stop this?

When your channel is empty, the ban list is removed.

You can add the nickname to -2 access and the user in question will be kicked and banned upon entering:

   /cs access #channel add nick -2

Or you can add the host address (or nickname) to your channel's akick list:

   /cs akick #channel add nick-or-host reason