Creating and registering a channel

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In order to register a channel, you must be an operator in the channel. First type:

   /join #channel
   /join #SwiftChannel

The channel must not be already registered! If the channel is not registered, you will receive op (+o) upon entering. You may now register the channel by typing:

    /cs register #channel channelpassword channeldescription

If the channel is not registered, though you haven't received operator status because someone else is in the channel, you may /join #support to ask for assistance in retrieving operator status.

Channelpassword: This is required! This is used when you want to give a friend of yours channel ownership access. Visit this page for more information about sharing channel ownership. It is NOT suggested to use your NickServ password.

Channeldescription: Also required! This is a brief description of your channel (your channel's main purpose, for example).

   /cs register #SwiftChannel SwiftChannelPassword123 Example channel of the wiki
   [14:53:26] -ChanServ- Channel #SwiftChannel registered under your nickname: SwiftUser
   -ChanServ- Your channel password is SwiftChannelPassword123 - remember it for later use.

For assistance with getting used to your channel, go to Getting started in your channel.