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SwiftIRC Custom Bots

Listed here are some of the larger custom bots on SwiftIRC. For questions regarding a specific bot, ask in their help channel. Bots are listed in alphabetical order.

To invite a custom bot to your channel use the following command:

   /invite botname #channel

Rules For Custom Bots

All bots must adhere to the rules surrounding the operation of bots on this network. They must also regularly part channels which are empty or unregistered in order to operate on this network. Failure to do so will result in the offending bot being removed from the network.

Official Bots


   Requirements: none (Doesn't accept invites)
   Owner: Dragon
   Channel: #idle

RuneScape bots


   Requirements: varies between 2 and 5 users
   Owner: Spling
   Channel: #Rscript

Channel Stats Bots


   Requirements: 2 users
   Owner: Adam, and Matt-
   Channel: #Chanstat

Game Bots


   Requirements: 5 users
   Owner: Kyle
   Channel: #Loot
   Website: none