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There are three main departments that make up the bulk of SwiftIRC network affairs. Each department consists of several teams which focus on a single area of SwiftIRC.

Unless otherwise noted, any user may request to join any team by inquiring in the appropriate channel.
User participation in teams is encouraged, and is currently the only way to be eligible for a promotion to network staff outside of successfully linking a server.

Team members will be able to have a team-host set after the member has been an active for a reasonable a period of time or when the team-leader feels it is appropriate.


Each department is headed by Network Administrators, and teams are led by IRC Operators unless otherwise noted. Members of each team are regular users who can be identified by their virtual host:

The exception to this formality are users belonging to the Support Team, who can be identified with the virtual hosts:

Users may contribute to multiple teams simultaneously; their virtual host indicates their primary team.

Support Department

Department Heads: Carl

The Support Department is responsible for handling user support inquiries of all kinds. All of the network help channels fall under this department.

The teams that make up this department are:

Help Team

  • Team Leads: Jake, Zanith
  • Channel: #Help
  • Teamlink: Help Team members
  • Responsibility: Assisting users with a wide variety of inquiries, including those related to IRC help.

Support Team

  • Team Lead: Jake, Zanith
  • Channel: #Support
  • Team Link: Support Team members
  • Responsibility: Staffs #support and handles our ticketing system
  • Restricted to network staff members

Wiki Team

  • Team Lead: eTch
  • Channel: #Wiki
  • Team Link: Wiki Team members
  • Responsibility: Maintaining and updating the wiki

Development Department

Department Head: Sephiroth

The Development Department is responsible for all of SwiftIRC's software development. This can include maintaining our IRC software, adding new features to services, and updating our website. Although this entire department is restricted to network staff members, users with sufficient programming experience who wish to contribute are encouraged to contact the appropriate Team Lead for further discussion.

The teams that make up this department are:

IRC Software Team

  • Team Lead: N/A
  • Team Link: IRC Software Team members
  • Responsibility: Maintaining, updating, and adding new features to our services and IRCd
  • Restricted to network staff members

Website Team

  • Team Lead: Concept
  • Team link: Website Team members
  • Responsibility: Updating our website
  • Restricted to network staff members