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What is #Help

  • #Help is SwiftIRC's official network help channel.
  • The channel's operators are SwiftIRC Staff.
  • The channel's halfoperators and voiced users are #Help helpers.
  • Non-staff can also help in #Help, so ask your question once and wait patiently for a response.

When to use #Help

  • #Help is for any general help questions, basic command, and SwiftIRC-related questions.

Here are a few examples of legitimate questions:

  • How do I register my channel?
  • How do I disable the censoring?
  • How do I add someone to access?
  • How do I stop ChanServ from removing op?
  • What is 100+2?
  • How many potatoes can you fit in a cylinder with a radius of 5m and height of 12m?
  • Help, I'm on fire, which liquid is best to extinguish it with out of: methanol, ether or bromine?

When not to use #Help

There are other channels which cater towards specific types of questions. Here are a few common places for other help (examples are in italics):

  • #Support - Administrative questions - only join when someone in #Help cannot assist you and it falls into the category of an administrative issue - Can you please block a link that contains a virus?
  • #mSL - mIRC related questions - How do I install and use scripts?
  • #SwiftKit - SwiftKit related questions - How come I can't use the screenshot feature?
  • #RSHelp - RuneScape related questions - How do I slay a dragon?

I'm not getting instant help!

If you do not receive instant help, why not have a look at the other wiki pages? The Wikipedia contains a plethora of information that can't be fully explained in #Help. Do try to ask questions as a last resort to the wiki.

Channel Rules

  • The general SwiftIRC rules apply to this channel. Do not spam, flood, harrass, repeat yourself or break other rules in any way. A copy of the network rules can be found at
  • Keep your regular conversations in the channel to a minimum. The channel's sole purpose is to help users with their IRC or IRC client related issues. Try to keep irrelevant conversations to a private environment.
  • While the majority of the channel will speak English, you may ask your questions in another language. Note: it might take longer before someone who speaks your language will be available.

Channel Bans

A channel ban can be added at the discretion of a current channel operator, and are usually removed within a week. If you feel that your ban is unjust, /join #SwiftIRC and consult a channel operator there.

#Help staff

The channel is run by network staff members and also a group of selected network users (volunteers). These volunteers consist of Helpers (users with voice) and Advanced Helpers (users with halfop). New helpers are chosen and invited to join the team by network staff. These helpers have no access to the network as staff and are not guaranteed a staff position.

The current Helpers are as followed (in alphabetical order):

  • Kiddo
  • KnownSyntax

The current Advanced Helpers are as followed (in alphabetical order):

  • Tracy