Help! I'm banned from the network!

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If you have been Network Banned Below is an example of the message you will see when attempting to connect to the network.

   - * *** You were banned from SwiftIRC on Thu, 18 Apr 2013 19:58:28 GMT.  E-mail and provide your IP address 
                         (which is and the following ban message if you feel the ban should be removed or want more information
   - * *** This ban will expire on Fri, 19 Apr 2013 19:58:28 GMT

If you've been banned from the network, you can appeal your ban by submitting a support ticket at , or by sending an email to Bans.Png.

When submitting your ticket provide as much detail as possible in the ticket, including the ban message you receive when trying to connect.

Please note that this is not for channel bans. If you have been banned from a channel then you will need to contact the operators responsible for the channel. SwiftIRC staff members will not get involved in channel affairs.

Advice for appealing a network ban

Act civil
Politely making a request, and politely accepting a judgment is a lot more likely to get you what you want. If it doesn't, it certainly won't work against you, which being rude will. It doesn't cost you anything, and it'll most likely help you out, so why not?

Don't cry "Abuse!"
The Network Staff reserve the right to deny you access to the network without prior warning, at any given time. It is a private network which is made available for public use. While the staff are more likely to help you out if you have a genuine problem, saying that you've been made a victim of an abusive IRCop is more likely to (Usually somewhat justifiably) make you the object of public scorn and scrutiny.

Provide detailed information
Ban time, ban expiry time, oper name, ban reason, IP (Or have this available upon request). If we don't have the full details, chances are we won't look into it since it would only really be a waste of our time.

Do not send more than one ticket (email)
If it was closed then it was closed for a reason. If you were meant to open another one, you'd know. Opening another one just means we have to close another one, and then it goes downhill from there.
When you want to add something to the e-mail you sent before, just use the website link that was mailed to you right after sending the e-mail.To check status on your ticket, you can go to and enter your email and ticket id.

Session limit bans
It expires so fast it's not even bothering posting, as chances are the akill will be removed before we even see the topic. It's a simple matter of keeping to your session limit from then on.

Ignorance is not an excuse - most of the network rules are common sense. Upon connecting to the network you are sent a MOTD (Message of the day) which provides a link to the network rules.