Installing And Configuring ZNC

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  • A Linux server
  • Access to ‘make’ or ‘gmake’
  • For Debian or Ubuntu the build-essential package (apt-get install build-essential)


  • OpenSSL (0.9.7d or above)
  • OpenSSL Development Package (packaged as openssl-dev, openssl-devel or libssl-dev)
  • Perl and libperl (installer will chase you for it)
  • TCL

Installing ZNC

Step 1

Go to , right click on the latest download version and click ‘Copy Shortcut’, ‘Copy link location’, or similar.

Copying the link.

Step 2

Log into your server via SSH, and type ‘wget’ followed by the copied link. It should look something like this:


The version number will differ, depending on what the latest version is. Hit Enter.

Step 3

Your terminal should start to download the file to the currently active folder. Once it is finished, type this into your terminal and press Enter:

tar –xzf znc-0.204.tar.gz

Again, your version number may differ from the one shown here, due to updates and the like.

Step 4

Change to the directory where ZNC was extracted by typing:

 cd znc-0.204 

(Again, the version number will differ)

Step 5

Type ./configure and hit Enter. If you want to be able to use SSL you must install ZNC with the prefix --with-openssl. Your ZNC will start configuring itself for the next step. Assuming you have all required and optional packages installed, all should go smoothly. If you do not have perl installed, and the script nags you for it, try ./configure --disable-perl instead. If you’d like to install to a different directory, use the --PREFIX directive.

Step 6

Type make. If you get access denied or not found, try gmake.

Step 7

The installation is complete! It’s now time to configure our ZNC for SwiftIRC.


Step 1

Navigate to the directory you installed ZNC to. If you didn’t specify one, it’s the same directory you did make/gmake in.

Step 2

Type ./znc --makeconf. You should be presented with a script that looks like this:


Step 3

Run through the wizard. If you're unsure, just stick with the default values given in the square brackets and hit Enter. If you like, enable the Global module 'webadmin'. To make ZNC connect to SwiftIRC, enter '' as the IRC server. For the port, you can stick with 6667, but leave SSL off. If you would like to use SSL, enter 6697 as the port and say 'yes' to the enable SSL function.

Adding SwiftIRC's connect address and port with SSL.

Using ZNC

Assuming you’ve loaded the ‘webadmin’ module under ‘global’ modules in the making of the configuration, you can configure your ZNC through your web browser. Navigate to the IP and port you bound ZNC to in your browser. Log in, and you’ll be presented with a screen that lets you add users and control many aspects of the bouncer itself.

If you’d like more information on modules, visit

  This page has been added with the help of SwiftIRC user darkex