Installing and Configuring BOPM on Linux

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This article will demonstrate how to install the Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor (BOPM) on a 64-bit Ubuntu Linux 8.04 system. This installation will coincide with UnrealIRCd v3.2.8.1 on the same system.


First, you will need to download the Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor here.

After downloading the file, navigate to the download destination, and type:

 tar xzvf bopm-3.1.3.tar.gz

This will extract the files from the TAR archive.

After extracting the files, type:

 cd bopm-3.1.3

This will navigate you to the newly extracted files.

When you are in the directory, type:


After the configuration is complete, type make.

After that is complete, type make install.

When the installation is complete, type cd.

Since you have installed BOPM, you may now safely delete the bopm-3.1.3 folder and the bopm-3.1.3 TAR archive.

Type cd bopm/etc while you are in your home folder.


It is now time to configure BOPM. Download the beginner's version of the BOPM Configuration file, located here.

Rename the bopm.conf that is already in /bopm/etc to something such as bopm-old.conf, then move our bopm.conf into the folder. Open the file with an editor such as nano or pico.

Step 1 Find the pidfile line, near the top of the configuration file. Change ircserver to the user name that bopm is installed under.

Step 2 Two lines under the pidfile line is the scanlog line. Again, change ircserver to the user name that bopm is installed under.

Step 3 Locate the IRC block. Change the nick value to the nickname that you want the BOPM client to use.

Step 4 Change the realname value to the realname that you want the BOPM client to use.

Step 5 Change the username value to the ident that you want the BOPM client to use.

Step 6 Change the server value to the IP address or hostname of the IRC server that it will be running on.

Step 7 Change the port value to the port that you want BOPM to connect on. Port 6667 is fine for most servers.

Step 8 Change the nickserv value to the command that you want BOPM to use to identify to services. You will have to change to BOPM's nickname and register it yourself ahead of time first.

Step 9 In the oper line, state the user ID and password that BOPM should use to oper up on the server. You will have to create an oper block for BOPM in your IRCd configuration first.

Step 10 In the mode line, you can specify what usermodes BOPM should set on itself after it connects to the server and opers up.

Step 11 In the away line, you can specify an away message that BOPM should set on itself. If you do not want BOPM to use an away message, leave the value as two double-quotes.

Step 12 Locate the channel block. Change the name value to a channel or channels that you want BOPM to join upon connecting. You can specify more than one channel by seperating them by commas, like this:


If the channel you want BOPM to join has a key set on it, you can remove the # from the key line and enter the channel key as the value.

Step 13 Advanced users can tweak the blacklist blocks to their whim. Otherwise, you have finished configuring BOPM. Save and close the configuration file. (Note: It is assumed that you are running UnrealIRCd v3.2.8.1. If you are not, then the settings outlined in the Do not edit section of our configuration file may not work.)


Type the following commands:

 cd bopm/bin

Connect to the IRC server that you have directed BOPM to connect to. Check to make sure that it is in the channels that you have specified in the configuration file.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed BOPM! BOPM will now check each client that connects to the IRC network for open proxies, among other things.

Extra Information and Commands

You can manually check hosts for proxies and other things. Simply find a channel that the BOPM client is in, and type:

 <bot nickname> check <host>

For example, if the BOPM bot name was TestBOPM, and I wanted to check the host of a user with the nickname TheTestUser123, I would first WHOIS TheTestUser123 for it's host. Look for a line that looks like this (Note: You can only see this line if you are OPERed to the server):

 TheTestUser123 is connecting from *

If I wanted to check this user's host, I would type this in a channel that the BOPM client was in:

 TestBOPM check

It would check the IP for any entries in the blacklists used and report back in the channel.

You can get some stats by typing:

 <bot nickname> stats

The command will return the bot's uptime and number of connects that it has processed.

Restarting BOPM

To restart BOPM, just kill it with the /KILL command. It will automatically restart and reconnect. This is useful if you have made a change to bopm.conf.


BOPM keeps a log file of significant events in /bopm/var/bopm.log.

Have fun!

   This tutorial has been created by SwiftIRC user Mp5shooter