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mIRC is a very popular IRC client for Windows. You can think of it as a much more advanced version of the IRC client in SwiftKit. Many SwiftIRC users choose to use mIRC to chat, as it features a variety of useful tools and is extremely customisable.

You can download mIRC at [http://www.mirc.com/get.html].

Help Video: mIRC setup guide

Connecting to IRC

  • Go to "Servers" in the dialog box that pops up when you start mIRC, and select SwiftIRC from the server list.
Server options

  • Go back to "Connect" and enter in your name (you should not put your full name as it will be visible to other users), email address, nickname and alternate nickname. Note that the first part of your email address (Sara(@SwiftIRC.net)) will be your ident (~Sara@ when you connect.
mirc connect

You can click the "Connect" button to connect. Another way to connect is by closing that box and typing:

  • You can also type /server irc.swiftirc.net into the chat window to connect to SwiftIRC.
mirc status

Once you have your server selected, you can click the Connect button (outlined in green in the above image) to connect more quickly in the future.

Perform Commands

  • Go to "Options" (under Servers) and click the Perform button. Enter the commands you want to execute when you connect (auto-ID, autojoin) -- don't forget to check the "Enable perform on connect" box -- and click OK.
mirc perform

If you want your perform commands to ONLY execute on SwiftIRC, click "Add" and select SwiftIRC, then save.


  • Press Alt+B in mIRC (or Tools -> Address Book), and go to the Highlight tab.
  • Check the "Enable highlight" box then click "Add".
mIRC highlights
  • Enter your name (or $me to highlight your current nick), choose your other settings, then click OK.
mIRC highlights

Nickname Colours

To make nicknames appear coloured, in order to better differentiate people's status on a channel, press Alt+B, and a window will pop-up. Go to the Nick Colours tab, and click it. Then, check the Enable nick colours option and click Add.

mIRC nicknamecolours

In the window that appears next, choose the colour (it can be like in the picture or a different one, the choice is yours), then select one of the @, % or + symbols corresponding to your colour choice and delete the other ones, as shown.

mIRC nicknamecoloursmIRC nicknamecoloursmIRC nicknamecolours

For the regular people, just delete everything in the Channel modes section.

mIRC nicknamecolours

After you're done with all the Nick colours, you click OK again and its set.

A quick way to set the nickname colours so that they are the same as on SwiftKit (OP is red, HalfOP is orange, Voice is blue and Regular is cyan), you can use the command:

//tokenize 46 * 4 ~&@.* 7 % .* 2 +.* 10.on | .cnick $*

Simply type it in the edit box at the bottom of mIRC from where you usually type to talk to people.

mIRC Appearance

To change the way things appear written in your mIRC (customize the colours for the action messages, join/parts and others), press Alt+K, and a window will pop up. Customise everything in there as you please.

mIRC nicknamecolours

Like for example if you'd like your action texts to appear written with red, click Action text then click on the red colour below. If you don't like the colours you've chosen, click the Reset button.

Autojoin and Favourite Channels

In order to auto-join channels right after you connected to IRC (referred as ajoin by most users) press Alt+J, and a pop-up window will appear.


By default, the box (that here is empty ) is populated with a lot of channels, but you can delete all those by selecting them and click the Delete button on the right. Also, check the Enable join on connect option if you want to auto join all the channels in the list after connecting. After you've done so, add your own channel by clicking the Add button.


Fill in the channel name, check Join on connect. Also, you can specify the network for the channel (for example people who join more than one IRC server can have different sets of favourite channels for each server) by clicking Add and then adding SwiftIRC there. Then click OK. You have to repeat the procedure for each channel that you want added.

Slapping People

A funny feature that you can add to your “Pop-up” menu (when you right click a nickname) is to have more options for the actions, other than “Slap!”. Press Alt+R, and a window will appear. Click the Pop-ups tab, and on the View menu above it check Nicklist. On the editbox below scroll all the way down, and as shown, you'll have some lines written there (in the example below I already added one line but I'll explain how you can add more). These pop-ups use mIRC's Scripting Language. You can learn more about it from the mIRC help channel #mSL.


Go to the last line, press enter to get a new one, and then simply edit it like this:

   Laughs (name of the action that will appear on the menu)
   : (colon)
   /me (action)
   Text that you want to perform
   $$1 (this will add in the nickname selected on the nick list)

You can add as many as you want by the same manner.


Commands Without Typing

From the Commands menu you have a variety of options, as shown, without having to type the command:


Changing Your Fonts and Other Display Options

You can also change the font used in the channel, and many other features by clicking the little channel icon in a channel window.

A popular font is Tahoma, size 9.



Also, to have timestamps on the channel, press Alt+O, and in the window that appears go to IRC > Messages and check the Timestamp events, and then write in the box <HH:nn:ss tt>. The format can be anything of the following:

Item Code Example
Year yy 99
yyyy 1999
Month m 1
mm 01
mmm Jan
mmmm January
Day d 1
dd 01
ddd Mon
dddd Monday
Hours h 5
hh 05
H 13
HH 13
Minutes n 1
nn 01
Seconds s 1
ss 01
AM-PM t a/p
tt am/pm
Ordinal oo st/nd/rd/th
Timezone z +0
zz +0000
zzz +0000 GMT

Note that you can do it with <> , {}, [ ], or anything you like.



Also, you can save the logs from your IRC conversations etc. To set it, press Alt+O, then go to IRC > Logging, then check the options according to your needs (the example below is just a way to do it)


   This page has been expanded with the help of SwiftIRC user Lily