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Frequently asked NickServ questions

Registration and identification

How do I register my nickname?

Registering your nickname prevents other users from being able to use it. A registered nickname also gives you further access to the rest of the services, in particular ChanServ, and will enable you to register your own channel, be given access in other people's channels and more.

So long as your nickname is not currently registered to another user you can use the following command to register it:

   /ns register password repeatpassword email@address repeatemail@address

Once you have issued this command you will need to check the email address you specified for the confirmation code. The email will give you the command to issue - it should look something like this:

   /ns confirm confirmationcode

Example: Assuming I wanted my password to be SwiftPassword123 and assuming my e-mail was, I would type:

   /ns register SwiftPassword123 SwiftPassword123 

Then after checking my email for the confirmation code (a030KFkf0a0) it should tell me to run the following command:

   /ns confirm a030KFkf0a0

I tried to register my nickname but never received the confirmation code email

If you have waited for at least 10 minutes but have not received the confirmation email, and have also checked your junk or spam folders, use the following command to force the services to resend it:

   /ns resend

If you still do not receive the confirmation email join #Help and ask to have your nickname manually confirmed. Once your nickname is confirmed ensure that the email address set on your account is correct - use the following command to confirm it is set to your actual address:

   /ns set email password email@address email@address

I can not access my emailaddress for a confirmationcode

If you have typed the wrong emailaddress or you can not access your emailaddress for a confirmationcode, you may reset the registering process by using the cancel command. This will cancel the registration process, so you can re-register it.

   /ns cancel password

How do I identify to my nickname?

If your nickname is registered you can use the following command to identify to it (ensure your current nickname is that of the one you want to identify to):

   /ns identify password

Example: If the password to my nickname is SwiftPassword123 I would use the following command:

   /ns identify SwiftPassword123

How do I logout of my nickname?

To log out of the nickname you are currently using issue the command:

   /ns logout

How do I check if a nickname is registered or identified

To check if a nickname is already registered, or if someone is identified to a nickname, use the command:

  /ns info nickname

Example: If the nickname is registered but nobody is identified to it you would see:

   -NickServ- SwiftUser is User of SwiftIRC
   -NickServ- Time registered: Sep 09 19:08:22 2007 UTC
   -NickServ- Last seen time: Jan 08 05:37:06 2009 UTC
   -NickServ- Last quit message: Quit:

Example: If the nickname is currently in use and identified it will look like this:

   -NickServ- SwiftUser is User of SwiftIRC
   -NickServ- SwiftUser is currently online.
   -NickServ- Time registered: Sep 09 19:08:22 2007 UTC
   -NickServ- Last quit message: Quit:

Nickname groups

How do I group my nickname?

First switch to the new nickname you wish to add to your group, then type:

   /ns group mainnickname mainpassword

Example: If I wanted to group my current nickname to my main nickname group 'SwiftUser' which has the password 'SwiftPassword123' I would use:

   /ns group SwiftUser SwiftPassword123

How do I view my grouped nicknames?

   /ns glist

How do I remove a nickname from my group?

To remove a nickname from your group use the following command (note that this will also unregister the nickname):

    /ns drop nick

Nickname settings

How do I change my display (main) nickname?

   /ns set display nickname

You should note that the new display nick must be grouped to your nickname first.

How do I add a hostmask or IP to my access list?

   /ns access add *@hostmask

Keep in mind that if you use *!* instead of just * it will not work. If you wish to add an ident parameter, replace the * with it (* acts as a wildcard, matching anything).

If you have a dynamic hostmask you can still use the access list, however you will need to replace the part of your hostmask that changes with a * (wildcard).

How do I change my email address?

   /ns set email password email@address repeatemail@address

Make sure you have a valid email set, as it is required in order to reset your password if you should need to do so.

How do I change the language used by the services?

   /ns set language number

A list of languages and their corresponding numbers can be found below.

1) English
2) Français (French)
3) Deutsch (German)
4) Italiano (Italian)
5) Português (Portuguese)
6) Español (Spanish)
7) Türkçe (Turkish)
8) Catala (Catalan)
9) ÅëëçíéêÜ (Greek)
10) Nederlands (Dutch)
11) Ðóññêèé (Russian)
12) Magyar (Hungarian)
13) Polski (Polish)

Example: To change your language to Italian you would type:

   /ns set language 4

How do I set/unset a greeting?

  /ns set greet Your greeting here

Note that by default you require at least 5 access in a channel for your greeting to be displayed when you join. To check whether you currently have a greeting set use

   /ns info yournickname all

Colours can be used in your greeting. See the colours help page for further information.

To remove your greeting use

   /ns set greet

How do I change my password?

If you are already identified to your nickname you can change the password using:

   /ns set password oldpassword newpassword newpassword

If you have forgotten your password then you will need to reset it. To do this use:

   /ns resetpass nickname email@address

The e-mail address you supply must match the one stored on your nickname.


Somebody is on my nickname - how can I recover it?

First type

   /ns recover nickame password

and then

   /ns release nickname password

After that you can just get back on your nickname.

I lost connection and my old nickname is still online (and identified)!

To disconnect your old nickname use:

    /ns ghost nickname password

How can I view what channels I have access in?

    /ns alist

How do I view information about my nickname?

   /ns info nickname all

How do I stop people using my nickname?

First ensure that your nickname is registered! To prevent people from using your nickname without identifying to it you must set protection on it. The best settings is to choose 'Quick kill', which will give users 20 seconds to identify after which their nickname will be changed. To do this use:

   /ns set kill quick

I enabled immed kill on my nickname and now can't use it!

Join #Help and request a network helper remove the setting from your nickname.