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SwiftIRC's staff is divided into several categories. Each category has a different set of privileges and responsibilities.

Network administrators

Network Administrators form the core of the administration at SwiftIRC. The Network Administrators (NAs) adhere strictly to a democratic system, which relies on majority votes to make all major changes to SwiftIRC. The NAs also ensure that the network runs smoothly.

The current Network Administrators are:

   * Carl
   * Dragon
   * Sephiroth
   * Strider3282
   * zomg

Generally, the NAs maintain a 'hands-off' policy regarding users and channels. It is not an NA's job to mediate channel issues, but rather moderate the network as a whole.
If you wish to contact the Network Administrators, send an e-mail to Netadmins.Png.

Server Administrators

Server Administrators primarily focus on the maintenance of their servers, along with the IRC Operator responsibilities that their position entails.

The current Server Administrators are:

   * Steve
   * Marius

Global IRC Operators

Global IRC Operators have moderation access on all servers connected to the network, and are are the second level of support for SwiftIRC's users. If a user has an issue that cannot be resolved by a member of the Support Staff, then an IRC Operator may intervene. IRC Operators also actively ensure that users and channels abide by the network guidelines. IRC Operators are generally nominated and voted on by the Network Administrators, Server Administrators and Global IRC Operators. Global IRC Operators have the same privileges as Server Administrators, and are therefore considered equal in the staff hierarchy.

The current IRC operators are:

   * Concept
   * Jake
   * Mark
   * Ryan
   * Taylor
   * Zanith

Local IRC Operators

When a new server is linked, the server administrator starts out as a Local IRC Operator. Local IRC Operators have restricted access to their server only.


Support Staff

Support staff are the first line of support for SwiftIRC's users. The Support Staff duties are mainly within #Help, #Support, the SwiftIRC forums, the SwiftIRC Wikipedia, and the support ticketing system. Support Staff frequently involve themselves with other aspects of the network, such as SwiftIRC's community relations.

The current support staff are:

   * Jon
   * Nova
   * {Andrew}

Development Team

The Development Team maintains the software that is used and developed by SwiftIRC. Development projects include the website, the IRCd, services, and internal utilities. While their primary goal is development of the network infrastructure, they share the same privileges as Support Staff and are considered equal in the staff hierarchy.

The current Development Team consists of:


General Overview

SwiftIRC has various teams with different duties and goals within the network. The Departments page contains more detailed information on the department system, the roles of the staff, and how to users can contribute to the network.

The following is SwiftIRC's network hierarchy in table format:

Network Administrators
Carl, Dragon, Sephiroth, Strider3282, zomg
Server Administrators Global IRC Operators
Steve, Marius Concept, Jake, Mark, Ryan, Taylor, Zanith
Local IRC Operators
Support Staff Development Team
Jon, Nova, {Andrew}