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This page will help you set up custom connections, auto identify and some other useful settings on SwiftKit.

If you do not already have it, you can download SwiftKit at http://www.swiftkit.net/index.php?page=download.

Setting up auto-identify

  • On the start page enter your nickname
  • Click the set-up auto-identify button.
Swiftkit Identify
  • Enter your nickname's password here. Click OK.
  • Then on the start page click connect.

Creating a custom server connection

  • Type /options (enter) if you have the chat window open otherwise click the options box on the start page.

  • Click the ADD button

Swiftkit Add

  • Enter the SwiftIRC server information into the first section (if you don't know what to put, SwiftIRC/irc.swiftirc.net is advised). Now enter your nickname, backup nickname, password, and real name.
Swiftkit Server settings

  • Be sure to check the "Auto-identify with NickServ" and "Enable auto join channels".
  • Add any channels you want to automatically join using the "Add" button.
  • Enter your perform commands by clicking "Edit Perform" (commands that will automatically execute when you connect). If you want to join any +i channels, put /cs invite #channel in your perform. Don't forget to check the "Enable perform" box.
Swiftkit Server settings

  • Save your perform and your server settings, then select SwiftIRC from the dropdown box on the main page.

Disabling the word filter

  • Type /options (enter) or click Options on your start page.
  • Click the Irc tab
  • Untick the "Enable message filtering" box (outlined in red)
Swiftkit IRC tab
  • You will need to reconnect to the network to apply this setting.

Setting up highlights

  • Type /options in the chat box or click Options on the start page.
  • Click the Irc tab
  • Check "Enable highlighting" and (if you want your current nickname highlighted) "Highlight current nickname" (see above image - outlined in blue)

You can add more names that you want highlighted by clicking "Add" and specifying a new name.